Arusha, Tanzania Day 3 Presentations

The following presentations were delivered at a meeting in Arusha, Tanzania: "Scaling up male circumcision programmes in the Eastern and Southern Africa region: country update meeting to share lessons, explore opportunities, and overcome challenges to scale-up." The presentations below were delivered on June 10, the third and final day of the meeting. Presentations for day one and day two also are available.

You may review the meeting agenda here.

Morning session:

Male circumcision supply chain system of Zimbabwe - Presented by Owen Mugurungi 

Supply chain management and male circumcision commodoties - Presented by Sameer Sakallah 

Using the DMPPT: preliminary results of country costing exercises - Presented by Urbanus Kioko 

Overview of research at male circumcision clinical trials sites in South Africa - Presented by Bertran Auvert 

Overview of male circumcision research in Kenya - Presented by Mores Loolpapit 

Overview of male circumcision research in Uganda - Presented by Adrian Musiige 

Experience of monitoring male circumcision services: Kenya study - Presented by Amy Herman-Roloff

The Shang Ring acceptability study and future research plans - Presented by Mark Barone 

A framework for evaluation of male circumcision devices - Presented by Tim Farley

Male circumcision costing and impact studies: overview and methodology - Presented by Catherine Hankins 

Early infant male circumcision, Zambia - Presented by David Linyama 

Early infant male circumcision, Kenya - Presented by June Odoyo 

Early infant male circumcision, Botswana - Presented by Rebeca Plank 

Afternoon session:

Sustainability of MMC Programs - Presented by Alex Opio 

Overview of donor funding for male circumcision programme scale up - Presented by Emmanuel Njeuhmeli 

Overview of donor funding for male circumcision programme scale up - Presented by Heather Harrison