Projects and case studies

Project descriptions and case studies from priority countries for the scale-up of voluntary medical male circumcision are available here. Additional case studies are among the promising practices identified and documented by BBC Media Action through site visits to seven countries in January to July 2013. To contribute a case study or project profile, click here.


Case Studies on Enhancing Uptake of Voluntary Medical Male Circumcision

Eleven case studies, which were selected for inclusion in the World Health Organization’s 2020 VMMC guidelines, describe interventions that succeeded in addressing barriers to VMMC.

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Decision Makers’ Program Planning Toolkit, Version 2 (DMPPT 2); GIS Mapping Dashboard; and Site Capacity and Productivity Assessment Tool (SCPT)

Avenir Health and its partners created three tools to help programmes plan demand creation for voluntary medical male circumcision based on unmet need by country, district, and age group and improve efficiency

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Make The Cut (MTC)

Make The Cut (MTC) uses the popularity of soccer to educate adolescent boys and young men about the health benefits of voluntary medical male circumcision (VMMC) and overcome barriers to its uptake, such as fear of pain or HIV testing and lack of accurate information.

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Systematic Design for Behavior Change: Discussing the Approach Applied to Voluntary Medical Male Circumcision

This case study describes the application of a human-centred design approach to encourage young men in Zambia and Zimbabwe to become circumcised.

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Enhanced Local Engagement and Its Impact on VMMC Uptake for Males Ages 15 to 29 Years in Manicaland Province in Zimbabwe

Discussions that the DREAMS project held with voluntary medical male circumcision (VMMC) stakeholders and providers revealed that implementers were operating vertically. Meetings with provincial health, district health, and district hospital leadership convinced them to involve all stakeholders.

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Incorporating VMMC into Traditional Circumcision Contexts in Mberengwa, Zimbabwe

Four years of consistent consultation led to a partnership between the VaRemba community and ZAZIC, a consortium of health projects and hospitals, and to the training and equipping of VaRemba nurses to provide safe, medical male circumcision during traditional initiation camps for boys.

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Matching Supply with Demand: Scaling up Voluntary Medical Male Circumcision in Tanzania and Zimbabwe
Matching Supply with Demand: Scaling up Voluntary Medical Male Circumcision in Tanzania and Zimbabwe

Through key-informant interviews, this case study examined the demand creation and supply side activities that programmes implemented to increase uptake of voluntary medical male circumcision.

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