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UNAIDS sets targets for 2025

With new HIV targets for 2025, UNAIDS aims to put the world back on track to end AIDS as a public health problems by 2030

Model results reaffirm 2030 target

New modelling shows the COVID-19 pandemic should not be a reason for delaying the 2030 deadline for ending AIDS as a public health threat, UNAIDS reports.

Podcast on VMMC examines nurses' role

VMMCs performed by nurses are safe and have become standard practice in most VMMC settings, the authors of a new systematic and policy review say

VMMC in South Africa: COVID-19's impact

Health authorities and organisations conducting VMMC in South Africa say the numbers of men and boys being medically circumcised have dropped dramatically during the pandemic

Evidence underpins new VMMC guidance

More than 10 years of further evidence guided the development of new WHO guidelines on voluntary medical male circumcision