AVAC Report 2016: Big Data, Real People


Voluntary medical male circumcision is still not a global priority, even though it is "the single most effective one-off intervention a man can use to protect himself from HIV infection," AVAC’s 2016 report asserts. The report, Big Data Real People, describes how fixing core problems in the ways HIV prevention data are collected and reported can help HIV prevention programs slow the rate of new cases of HIV. The section on VMMC notes that programmes in the 14 priority countries are not on pace to achieve their goals, with the World Health Organization reporting that 20 percent fewer male circumcision procedures were performed in 2015 compared to 2014. Recommendations for getting the effort back on track include a call for a coordinated effort to identify and fill gaps in the funding needed to reach ambitious national goals for VMMC.

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Type: Document
Year of publication: 2016
Resource type: Report
Organization: AVAC
Languages: English