Interview with an Advocate: Fearless Leader of Uganda's Voluntary Medical Male Circumcision Programme Speaks of Momentum, Motivation, and Maintaining Success

Uganda has made tremendous progress in scaling up voluntary medical male circumcision (also known as safe male circumcision, or SMC, in Uganda) over the past two years, with more than 1.7 million men circumcised in 2013 and 2014 and a total of 2.1 million male circumcisions performed since 2008. In an interview that first appeared on AVAC's P-Values Blog, Uganda’s national SMC coordinator, Dr. Barbara Nanteza, spoke to the coordinators of the VMMC Truth-tellers Initiative about leadership, collaboration with the Ministry of Health and implementing partners, the unmet need for sustainable funding, best practices and loving her work.

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Type: Document
Year of publication: 2015
Resource type: Blog
Country: Uganda
Organization: VMMC Truthtellers, Uganda Safe Male Circumcision Programme
Languages: English