Profile of an Advocate: Woman wedges her way into man’s world, advocating for safe traditional male circumcision in South Africa

South Africa Woman Advocates for VMMC

Khanyisa Dunjwa is a community leader in sexual health and rights in South Africa, where she is a member of the SANAC Women’s Sector. As a 2014 AVAC Fellow hosted by NACOSA, Khanyisa paved the way for voluntary medical male circumcision in the Eastern Cape Province of South Africa, where traditional male circumcision is part of a widespread initiation rite marking young men’s transition to adulthood. She engages local leaders and government officials on the need to work together and has piloted a program with the Department of Health to educate adolescent boys about their options, safety during the traditional circumcision process, and how to protect themselves from HIV. A key focus throughout her work is on involving women (especially mothers) in conversations about male circumcision to ensure their meaningful engagement. Khanyisa also frequently engages with South African and international media to help spread accurate information about both safe traditional and medical male circumcision. See her writings here:

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Year of publication: 2015
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