Session 1.3: Overview of the Male Circumcision Program

Session 1.3 Overview of MC Program

An overview of the voluntary medical male circumcision programme managed by Population Services International in Swaziland, this presentation was developed in 2009 as part of a training package designed to prepared counsellors to discuss voluntary medical male circumcision with men and their partners, as well as parents seeking male circumciison for their children. The sessions in the manuals can be used as 1) a stand-alone three-day workshop for individuals who have already been trained in client-centred HIV counselling, testing, and referrals or 2) a supplement to exisitng curricula for HIV counsellors who will also serve as male circumcision counsellors.


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Type: Document
Year of publication: 2009
Resource topic: Training
Resource type: Tool or toolkit
Country: Eswatini
Organization: PSI/Swaziland
Languages: English