VMMC Behavioral Framework: Lessons from Quantitative & Qualitative Market Research


Part of the Action Catalyst Tools (ACT) for Voluntary Medical Male Circumcision (VMMC), this document is designed to help implementing partners in 15 priority countries in eastern and southern Africa understand men's attitudes toward VMMC and use that understanding to convert men's intent to circumcise into action. The framework was developed based on market research conducted in Zambia and Zimbabwe. It can be used across country contexts but may require augmentation of particular issues, such as seasonality, that are relevant for a given country.

In addition to the main framework document, versions are available that feature a country-specific appendix outlining the findings from quantitative segmentation done in Zambia and Zimbabwe, respectively. These appendices are not directly relevant to other countries but could be reviewed to understand the value of conducting quantitative segmentation.

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Type: Document
Year of publication: 2017
Resource type: Tool or toolkit
Organization: Upstream, Final Mile, Ipsos Healthcare
Languages: English