Meeting reports (2006)

Listed below are reports on meetings held in 2006 that addressed voluntary medical male circumcision..


The objectives of this meeting were as follows:  1- Review and discussion of latest evidence on Male Circumcision (MC) and HIV  Prevention at global, Africa and country level; 

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Kenya Stakeholder Consultation on MC

As part of the initial country consultation a preparatory meeting with key informants and stakeholders was carried out on 31 August. During this meeting the rationale and generic objectives for the country consultations were shared and discussed. 

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Male Circumcision Consultative Meeting Report

The male circumcision consultative meeting held on the 11 and 12 September 2006, is part of the UN work plan to support countries in providing safe male circumcision whilst waiting for the confirmation in Kenya and Uganda of the South Africa randomized control trial result that found&nb

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This two day consultation meeting had three main objectives - (a) to review and discuss latest evidence on Male Circumcision and HIV Prevention (particularly reduced partners and condom use) at the Global, Africa and Country levels (b) discuss implications of MC within the country conte

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Report of  the Male Circumcision & HIV Prevention Country Consultation Meeting

This meeting provided stakeholders with a situation analysis of MC in Swaziland and it also provided a platform for consensus building on future MC Programming. 

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Regional Consultation on Safe Male Circumcision and HIV Prevention

The regional consultation meeting in Nairobi brought together these five countries along with a number of other diverse participants, to broadly discuss the issue of male circumcision and HIV in sub Saharan Africa. 

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