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The inside panels of a brochure created for women in Botswana provide information about safe male circumcision for the female partners of potential clients. read more
The goal of 80 percent prevalence of voluntary medical male circumcision (VMMC) in the 14 priority countries in sub-Saharan Africa must be achieved by 2020 as part of a fast-track... read more
The Know Your Facts campaign in Botswana used a football theme to promote voluntary medical male circumcision with materials such as this billboard. read more
This mock-up of signs posted on a van was created for the Know Your Facts campaign to promote voluntary medical male circumcision in Botswana.
The results of a comparison study of devices for performing early infant male circumcision (EIMC) and pilot implementation of EIMC in Botswana were presented at an AIDS 2014... read more
One of the advertisements for the Know Your Facts campaign to create demand for voluntary medical male circumcision is shown on the side of a van in this photo. read more
An advertisement designed to run in newspapers is part of a football-themed campaign to promote voluntary medical male circumcision in Botswana. read more
Part of a football-themed campaign in Botswana, this newspaper strip advertisement encourages men to "team up" male circumcision with sticking to one partner "to keep HIV from... read more
Part of a football-themed campaign  in Botswana, this full-page newspaper advertisement in the Setswana language promotes safe male circumcision as part of a comprehensive... read more
Part of a football-themed campaign, this newspaper strip advertisement encourages young men to combine safe male circumcision and sexual abstinence to "put your defense against... read more