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The Clearinghouse’s Resource Library contains hundreds of resources on voluntary medical male circumcision for HIV prevention. You may search the entire site, including these resources, by adding key words in the Search box located in the upper right corner of the website. The Resource Library enables you to browse resources by topic and filter them by different categories. Choose a topic from the menu on the right side of the page to generate a list of resources by topic, then use the filters to narrow the results. (Click on the “+” icon next to the topic name to expand the nested topics.) You may also filter the entire list of resources in the library by document type, country, language, and year of publication.



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In this information booklet about male circumcision, a man who is interested in getting circumcised poses questions and receives answers about the procedure from a recently... read more
Created for women in Zambia, this comic booklet provides basic information on male circumcision through a discussion between two women. 
Created for a voluntary medical male circumcision campaign in Swaziland, this flip chart provides notes advising counsellors on how to discuss male circumcision with prospective... read more
This flip chart was created for counsellors as part of a voluntary medical male circumcision campaign in Zambia. 
This banner was created for the “Man Who Cares” voluntary medical male circumcision campaign in Zambia.