XVIII International AIDS Conference Presentations, Day 3 (21 July)

Male circumcision for HIV prevention was highlighted in more than 55 presentations at the XVIIIth International AIDS Conference. Links to each oral abstract or e-poster (or both) are provided below. All presentations are organised by presentation day and include the title and names of principal authors. The presentations below occurred on Wednesday, 21 July. Presentations for day oneday two, and days four and five also are available.

Wednesday, 21 July 2010 

Oral Abstract Session 

WEAC01 Modeling HIV Epidemics

Combination prevention to achieve significant reductions in HIV incidence: projections of the impact of microbicide and male circumcision interventions in rural Uganda (abstract only) A. Cox, A. Foss, L.-A. Schafer, R. Nsubuga, P. Vickerman, R. Hayes, C. Watts, R. White (WEAC0101)

Oral Poster Discussion

Opt-out HIV testing leads to nearly universal testing uptake among male circumcision clients in Tanzania (abstract only) H.R. Mahler, B. Kileo, A. Hellar, S. Nyabenda, M. Plotkin (WEPDC202)

Poster Exhibition

14:00-18:30, Mini Room 10 
Facilitator: San Patten, Canada
10:00-18:30, Hall B

Attitudes of young men towards male circumcision in the context of HIV/AIDS and gender-based violence (abstract only) T. Letsoalo, P. Greehy, D. (WEPE0453)

Engaging the private health sector in Nyanza province, Kenya,to reach men with VMMC for HIV prevention: what will it take? (abstract only) L. Dulli, M. Mbondo, E. Keyes, B. Boyer, R.Homan (WEPE0797)

Exploring the human resource capacity development landscape for male circumcision roll-out in four rural districts in Nyanza Province in Kenya (e-poster available) P. Perchal, G. Odingo, M. Pavin (WEPE0864)

Satellite Meeting

18:30-20:30, Mini Room 4

Organizers: Population Services International and FHI

38 million by 2015: Strategies for the Scale-Up of Male Circumcision Services