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Myths and costs hinder SMC

Despite circumcising 2 million men and boys since 2010, Uganda has fallen short of its goals for safe male circumcision

Kenya releases HIV progress report

Voluntary medical male circumcision (VMMC) is part of a national strategy to reduce new HIV infections in Kenya by 75 percent

Do it with a friend

Two young men are posting videos of their VMMC experiences as part of a social media campaign to encourage Namibian men to get circumcised

Mobile clinic launched in Cape Town

A mobile clinic launched to increase access to voluntary medical male circumcision (VMMC) in Cape Town will be able to provide up to 40 VMMCs a day

PEPFAR data details progress

PEPFAR supported the voluntary medical male circumcisions of more than 15 million men and boys in 14 countries from 2007 to 2017