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VMMC reduces HPV infections

Getting circumcised reduced men’s risk of acquiring human papillomavirus in a randomized clinical trial in Kisumu, Kenya

HIV and COVID: risks and benefits

The benefits of continuing to provide HIV services during the COVID-19 pandemic far outweigh the risk of additional COVID-19-related deaths

90–90–90 goal met in Zimbabwe

Zimbabwe has reached the 90–90–90 HIV testing and treatment targets set by UNAIDS for 2020 and is working toward the 95–95–95 targets for 2025

Combination prevention is cost-effective

Home-based testing and universal treatment for HIV are cost-effective and can reduce new infections in high-prevalence communities, a modelling study found

Over 3 million circumcised in Zambia

About 26,000 new HIV infections have been prevented among Zambian men due to uptake of voluntary medical male circumcision by more than 3 million clients