Quality assurance

Standards define quality for a health care system or service, set the quality level, and provide the basis for measuring quality. In voluntary medical male circumcision programmes, standards should encompass all elements of service delivery that affect the quality and outcomes of VMMC for HIV prevention. This page offers resources to help managers and providers assure the quality of VMMC services and programmes and build capacity in quality assurance.


Quality Assurance Training Package

This training package provides guidance and materials for conducting workshops on quality assurance for voluntary medical male circumcision.

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Male Circumcision Services Quality Assessment Toolkit 

Part of a quality assurance training package, this toolkit can be used by facility managers and providers to assess their own performance and by managers to conduct external assessments of facilities.

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Male Circumcision Quality Assurance: A Guide to Enhancing the Safety and Quality of Services

This document provides guidance for planning a national quality assurance programme and outlines ten standards that all facilities providing voluntary medical male circumcision services should attain.

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