National policies and strategies

The governments of priority countries lead national efforts to implement voluntary medical male circumcision (VMMC)  for HIV prevention, and most have developed VMMC policies and strategies. In recent years the emphasis has been on developing costed operational plans with specific targets for VMMC coverage, to guide the activities of Ministry of Health staff and their implementing partners. Click here to post a national VMMC policy, strategy, or operational plan on the Clearinghouse.



This report presents the results of an analysis of national health policies and strategies in 13 countries in eastern and southern Africa to assess the degree to which they address the health needs of men and boys. The findings are summarized in a country scorecard in the annex.

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Botswana Safe Male Circumcision Additional Strategy for HIV Prevention

Part of the country's national HIV prevention strategy, the Botswana National Safe Male Circumcision Strategy is designed to increase the prevalence of male circumcision from 20 percent to 80 percent

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Plan Operationnel d'Integration de la Circoncision Masculine dans le Paquet des Services Offerts dans les Structures de Soins

Burundi developed this operational plan for 2010 to 2015 to integrate male circumcision into the package of services offered at health facilities.

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National Voluntary Medical Male Circumcision Strategy, Second Edition, 2014/15 - 2018/19

The national strategy and operational plan for the second phase of Kenya’s voluntary medical male circumcision programme includes the steps required to meet the goal of achieving a national male circumcision prevalence of 95 percent and estimates of programme costs.

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Kenya National AIDS/STD Control Programme

Developed by the Ministry of Health and the national task force, this guidance document provides a framework for integrating safe, voluntary medical male circumcision into Kenya's HIV prevention services.

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Policy on Safe Male Circumcision for HIV Prevention

The Government of the Kingdom of Swaziland developed this policy on male circumcision and HIV prevention to provide a framework to guide the provision of safe, accessible, and sustainable male circumcision services.

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Strategy and Implementation Plan for Scaling Up Safe Male Circumcision for HIV Prevention in Swaziland

Swaziland's comprehensive five-year strategy and operational plan for scaling up safe male circumcision services addresses supply and demand, human resources, quality assurance, and other issues.

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Uganda Safe Male Circumcision Policy

Uganda's Safe Male Circumcision Policy provides a framework for increasing access to and use of safe and sustainable male circumcision services as an integral part of the national HIV prevention strategy.

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Country Operational Plan for the Scale-up of Voluntary Medical Male Circumcision in Zambia, 2012-2015

Building on the foundation of a national programme launched in 2009, this costed national operational plan is designed to guide expansion of voluntary medical male circumcision services in Zambia.

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Zambia's National Male Circumcision Strategy and Implementation Plan 2010-2020

The goal of Zambia's National Male Circumcision Strategy and Implementation Plan is to make high-quality, safe male circumcision services accessible and available to all men and boys on a voluntary basis, achieving male circumcision prevalence of 50 percent by 2020

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Operational plan for Zimbabwe’s voluntary medical male circumcision

 A video about the launch of Zimbabwe’s operational plan for accelerating the scale-up voluntary medical male circumcision describes the plan and the experience to date.

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