You still need to use a condom

Correct, consistent condom use is still essential even after a man has been circumcised, because male circumcision offers men only partial protection against HIV infection, says a public health specialist from the South African HIV management organization CareWorks in a Health24 article. With more than 2 million men circumcised so far, South Africa’s medical male circumcision (MMC) programme is halfway toward reaching the goal of 4.3 million circumcisions among men ages 15 to 49 by December 2016. The CareWorks representative is quoted as saying that families and young men should not have to choose between culture, safety, and protecting themselves against HIV. She cites initiatives bringing traditional leaders together with medical providers and the Department of Health “to explore how the medical benefits of MMC can be married with the rich culture behind the initiation practice" (Health24, 3 February 2016).