Portfolio Mapping Tool – ACT for VMMC


The first of the four Action Catalyst Tools (ACT) for voluntary medical male circumcision (VMMC), this tool is designed to help VMMC implementers understand how current interventions align with the full landscape of barriers to VMMC uptake and where opportunities to create new interventions exist. The main barrier themes are identified and described in the VMMC Behavioral Framework but may need to be augmented for local country context. The Persona Tool, which helps implementers develop profiles for different types of men, can then be used in combination with the Portfolio Mapping Tool to identify specific opportunities that align with the "personas," or profiles of potential clients, you have created. Together these tools help implementers determine the specific barriers to be addressed for a given type of client (persona), what is already being done to address those barriers, and where there are gaps in addressing the barriers. The implementers would then use the Intervention Design Tool to address those gaps. The instructions describe how to use the Portfolio Mapping Tool to build a visual map of the VMMC demand interventions a programme is implementing.

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Type: Document
Year of publication: 2017
Resource type: Tool or toolkit
Organization: Upstream, Final Mile, Ipsos Healthcare
Languages: English